Personal Profile

Career Summary:

More than 11 (eleven) years of extensive professional experience in Piping, Structure Architectural, E&I fabrication and construction Green Field and Brown Field Project such as E-House Module, Oil and Gas Platform Deck and Jacket, Pipe Rack for Onshore Modules,  Pipeline Fabrication, Boiler and Pressure Vessel Fabrication,  Offshore Supply Vessel, and Shipbuilding under Quality, Engineering and Estimating Department. Experience includes the responsibility for evaluate and achieve project schedule (schedule, process and analysis), assist engineering project proposal, drafting contract and budget/cost monitoring and evaluation of the project.

Working Experience

Freelance Estimator for:

  • Piping Work ( Central Processing Platform, Accommodation barge, Oil Barge, Self Propelled Oil Barge, Tugboat work),
  • Electrical & Instrument work (Central Processing Platform work),
  • Structural Work (Accommodation Barge, Tugboat, Barge work)

Position as:

  • Senior Construction Superintendent at Siemens Pte. Ltd
  • Construction Supervisor (Piping and Structure) at TOTAL E&P INDONESIE
  • Lead Field Engineer / Fabrication Coordinator at NIPPON STEEL BATAM OFFSHORE SERVICES
  • Project Engineer/Project Coordinator at GIAT BANGUN NUSA
  • Piping & Welding Welding Inspector at ANGKURMULIA ENGINEERING
  • Piping QC Inspector at DRYDOCK WORLD NANINDAH
  • Technician at ART SYSTEM COMPUTER

Project Undertaken:

  1. Yamal LNG Project Batch 2 for PAB-002, ESS-003, PAB-700, ESS-034 and ESS-035
  2. Bekapai Phase 2B Field Development Project (Brown Field),
  3. Bekapai Phase 2A Field Development Project (Brown Field),
  4. Well Connection Phase 2A (Brown Field),
  5. Peciko 7C Extension Platform (Brown Field),
  6. Peciko 7A, 7B, Rubi Tie In (Punch List Clearance),
  7. Tan Burrup Project (Onshore Module Fabrication) Green Field Project,
  8. East Mandu Central Processing Platform South Mahakam Field Development Project Phase 1 & 2 (Green Field),
  9. West Stupa Central Processing Platform South Mahakam Field Development Project Phase 1 & 2 (Green Field),
  10. East Mandu Jacket South Mahakam Field Development Project Phase 1 & 2 (Green Field),
  11. Su Tu Trang LTPTP Wellhead Platform & Pipeline for CLOC SU TU TRANG Vietnam (Green Field),
  12. Inner Shell Platform & Lower Stage for Queensland Curtis LNG PJ Bechtel International Inc (Green Field),
  13. JDA Block B-17 Development Project Phase-2 18” Riser Clamp,Skid Beam and Rocker Arm Mogami Project (Green Field),
  14. Fabrication, Erection and Assembly Pipeline System and Steel Structure for Block 06.1 Phase III Lan Do Development Project Thailand (Green Field),
  15. Self Propelled Oil Barge 90.4 M (Green Field),
  16. Condensate Treatment Package and Piping for Gajah Baru Central Processing Platform (GBCPP) Green Field Project,
  17. Waste Water Treatment Process (WWTP) Turkmenistan Block 1 Gas Development Project (Green Field),
  18. Jack up Barge 55.5M x 32.2M x 5M –  3 unit (Self Elevating Barge),
  19. Mermaid Vision and Ark Dartmoor –  DP2 (Offshore Support Vessel),

On the Job Training and Courses:

  1. Helicopter Underwater Escape Training & Sea Survival,
  2. Welding Inspector, Certified by: MIGAS, APITINDO, DISNAKER and IKBAL-M-Yos Batam,
  3. CSWIP 3.0 Visual Welding Inspector, Certified by: TWI Training and Certification Sdn.Bhd,Piping Process Engineering ASME B31.3, Certified by DAP Consultant, Offshore Technology Institute, and Disnaker Batam,
  4. Radiography Interpreter ASNT Level II, Certified by ASNT Level III (Sajeesh Kumar Babu), APITINDO, DISNAKER and IKBAL-M-Yos Batam,
  5. Ultrasonic Testing ASNT Level II, Certified by ASNT Level III (Sajeesh Kumar Babu), APITINDO, DISNAKER and IKBAL-M-Yos Batam,
  6. General Paint School by Jotun Technical Training Protective Coatings Department,
  7. Safe Work at Hight Utilizing Rope Acces Technique, Inspection and Welding by Indonesia Oil and Gas Community
  8. QA/QC Application in Oil and Gas Project Industry, Certified by Offshore Technology Institute,
  9. AutoCAD 2D and 3D, Certified YPTI Batam,
  10. Entry Into Confined Spaces, Shallow Gas Introduction, PPE, Cermat Reporting, MCU&Fitness to Work by TOTAL E&P INDONESIE,
  11. ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, SMK3,
  12. Work Height, Grinding Safety, Nose Safety Training,
  13. Basic Fire Fighting, First Aid Training, and Health Awareness Training,
  14. Environmental Protection, Aspect, and Impact Identification, Risk Assessment,

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