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Exercise Piping ASME B31.3 Knowledge

Good day all may reader…..

In this post I will share about exercise Piping ASME B31.3 for you. I hope it’s important for you which working and studing abaout piping application code.

If you need the answer of all question above you can cantact me (see detail contact information) or leave yours comment on each post.

1. ASME Code for Process Piping is:

a. ASME B 31.8

b. ASME B 31.3

c. ASME B 31.4

d. ASME B 31.1

2. ASME B 31.3 Process Piping normally found in:

a. Inside the boilers

b. Petroleum refineries

c. Sub-sea lines

d. Pipe lines

3. What is the hydrostatic test value of piping with design pressure 100 psi:

a. 150 psi

b. 200 psi

c. 110 psi

d. 220 psi

4. What is the minimum preheat temp of the piping with P No. 4

a. 200 °F

b. 300 °C

c. 400 °F

d. all are wrong

5. What system below is included in ASME B 31.3?

a. Fresh water line with design pressure 60 psig

b. Pipeline End Manifold (PLEM)

c. Power boilers piping

d. Pressure vessels

6. A fluid service in which a single exposure to a very small quantity of a toxic fluid, caused by leakage, can produce serious irreversible harm to persons on breathing or bodily contact. This service belongs to Category:

a. M

b. High pressure

c. D

d. Normal

7 . In the spot RT piping, when there is a defect found in weld joint ….. additional joints to be taken and examined.

a. two

b. three

c. four

d. none

8. What system below is included in ASME B 31.3?

a. Fresh water line with design pressure 60 psig

b. Pipeline End Manifold (PLEM)

c. Power boilers piping

d. Pressure vessels

9. TIG Welding of stainless and duplex will require gas purging at root pass, this statement is:

a. wrong

b. correct

c. not sure

d. not known

10. What is the thickness mandatory for PWHT for P No 1 materials:

a. above 10 mm

b. above 20 mm

c. above 30 mm

d. above 40 mm

11. What is the average minimum energy for fully de-oxidized steels with minimum tensile 70 ksi:

a. 18 joule

b. 16 joule

c. 20 joule

d. 27 joule

12. Piping with Severe Cyclic conditions, the butt joints shall be …….. RT

a. 10%

b. 20%

c. Spot

d. 100%

13. Pneumatic test pressure is …… times design pressure

a. 1.5

b. 2

c. 1.1

d. 1.3

14. Non-metalic Piping e.g. GRE/FRP and PVC pipes are not included in ASME B 31.3, this statement is:

a. Correct

b. not correct

c. not sure

d. all are wrong

15. How long that piping manufacturer shall keep the piping records as per Code:

a. 3 years

b. 4 years

c. 5 years

d. 10 years

16. What is the impact temperature of sub-size specimen 7.5 x 10 mm when the MDMT is -20°F (MDMT= Minimum Design Metal Temperature)

a. -20°F

b. -25°F

c. -30°F

d. -40°F

17. Non-metallic piping as PVC and GRE is not included in ASME B 31.3, this statement is:



c. not sure

d.not known

18. PWHT is mandatory when thickness of carbon steel (P No. 1) pipe exceeding

a. 20 mm

b. 38 mm

c. 25 mm

d. 32 mm

19. A fully deoxidized steel with tensile strength 60 ksi has impact values 30 J, 17 J 16 J, is the impact test acceptable to the Code:

a. Not acceptable

b. Acceptable

c. Not sure

d. All are wrong

20. O-let which connect the branch with butt weld joint is called:

a. Sockolet

b. Weldolet

c. Threadolet

d. Elbolet

21. Hydrostatic test pressure in piping normally is:

a. 1.3 times design pressure

b. 1.4 times design pressure

c. 1.5 times design pressure

d. 1.25 times design pressure

22. What is not applicable to Category D Fluid service

a. Design pressure does not exceed 150 psig

b. Design temperature is from –29°C through 186°C

c. The service fluid is nonflammable, non-toxic and not damaging to human tissue

d. Normal Fluid service

23. Two or more straight sections of pipe matched and joined in a plane bisecting the angle of junctions so as to produce a change in direction is called :

a. Butt joint

b. Penetration joint

c. Miter joint

d. T,K, Y joint

24. Minimum 5% RT inspection on circumferential butt is required for :

a. Normal Fluid service

b. Severe Cyclic condition

c. Category M Fluid

d. Category D Fluid

25. Heat treatment is required for all thickness of P No 3,4,5,6 and 10A following any:

a. Cold bending and forming

b. Radiography

c. Hot bending and forming

d. Welding

26. Pneumatic Leak test in piping is:

a. 1.1 times design pressure

b. 1.25 times design pressure

c. 1.5 times design pressure

d. 1.3 times design pressure

27. What is the ferrite content of stainless steel?

a. 20 – 30 %

b. 35 – 60%

c. 70 – 100%

d. 5 – 15%

28. What is the valve which is installed the same direction with service flow:

a. Butterfly valve

b. Ball valve

c. Check valve

d. Safety valve


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