Posted by: wahid nawawi | August 30, 2012

How to Calculate Weight and Painting Area of Steel 1

Greetings to our readers …..

In this post we will learn how to calculate the weight of steel to determine the weighting, painting area. I also compiled based on the experiences of the authors in the field.

Let’s we discuss one by one….

Weight and Paint Area of Steel Plate

  1. Weight Formula: Lenght x Width x Density x 1/1000
  2. Paint Area Formula: ((Thikness of Steel Plate x (2 x L +(2 x W)) + 2 x (L x W)) x 1/1000000)

Where the constant value of the density is: 7.85 g/cm3 or 0.00785 Kg/m

Weight with unit Kg, Lenght (L) with unit mm, Width (W) with unit mm, Thikness Steel Plate with unit mm and Paint area in m2.


Steel Plate with thikness 8mm, lenght 4500mm and width 2500mm. Please calculate the weight and painting are.


Weight: L x W x Density x 1/1000

: 4500mm x 2500mm x 0.00785 x 1/1000

: 706.5 Kg

Paint Areanya : ((Plate Thikness x (2 x L +(2 x W)) + 2 x (L x W)) x 1/1000000)

: ((8x(2×4500+(2×2500))+2x(4500×2500))x1/1000000)

: 22.61 m2

To be continue to the next post….


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